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Antlara High-Tech Dental Clinic - Cosmetic Dentisty A Vip, classy and elegant dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey.

You can just find right best fast solutions here.

Welcome to Antlara

A Vip, classy and elegant dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey.

With Antlara, going to the dentist will never be scary, stressful or discouraging! We believe that dental treatments don’t have to be like traditional dentistry once was.

Instead, at Antlara, our patients are experiencing our high-end treatments, comprehensive dental services and Hollywood Smile Transformations they have been dreaming about at its finest.

Indeed, Antlara makes your visit a luxurious, comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Why Antlara Dental Clinic?

Our friendly front office team welcomes you with their warm smile and you enjoy our gentle, relaxing and soothing atmosphere at your first appointment and throughout your visit.

Then our dentists and hygienists personally care for you and provide you the best dental treatments including smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants that fit your needs, expectations and smile dreams.

Here, we merge quality, expertise, and technology to offer superior patient care and outstanding clinical results. With a collaborative approach and innovative treatments, we routinely provide personalized smile transformations other dentists have deemed impossible. It’s how we’ve become the best in Antalya.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home and making your dream smile a reality!

antalya diş hekimi implant antalya diş hekimi implant antalya diş hekimi implant

What makes us different?


We do not compromise our honesty with ourselves and then with our patients.

Fast Solutions

We provide fast solutions for our patients to regain their health as soon as possible.

High-Tech Support

We constantly follow the technology related to our field in the international community.


We follow innovations related to our field in the world and adapt them to ourselves.

Smile & Smile

We do our job well, we know and love, we welcome our patients with big smiles also.


We are always based on being sincere to ourselves and then to you, our valuable guests.


We build our studies and treatments on permanent solutions, not temporary ones.


Despite the end of treatments of our patients, we certainly don't break our connection.

what is more ...

Our clinic, which is authorized to make International Dental Tourism, has a full-fledged structure.

In our High-Tech Clinic ... dental tourism

We are at Fener Mah. Tekelioğlu Cd. No:51/1-2 Muratpaşa/Antalya. We have emergency units.

You can also reach us from here. Contact Us

You can check the photos of our patients about their testimonials and amazing results... smile gallery

We offer you to put a great happy smile on your face...