Turn your dental treatment into perfect vacation great memories in Antalya.

Antlara Dental CLinic is a proffessional cosmetic & implant Solution Center in Turkey.

Antlara Appointment Process for your Smile


Send Us Document

Send us some photos of your teeth and dental x-rays or Contact us via WhatsApp Our Number: +44 7770 537469 directly


We Check your Documents

We examine the panoramic x-ray trail and identify the treatments to be performed. Then, we get back to you with the cost and details of the treatment.


Make your Appointment

After agreeing on the details of the treatment and obtaining your consent, let us give you an appointment day foryour treatment and start the treatment.

dental Tourism

Treatment Process

After the above appointment process is completed, the following steps are applied.


On the first day, after we welcome you to our clinic and make a detailed treatment plan, we start your treatment.

Social Activities

On the second day, we give you free time for your social activities in Antalya according to the content of your treatment.


Within the scope of our treatment plan, we continue your dental treatment before and/or after the afternoon and make the necessary controls.

Social Activities

On the fourth day, we give you free time for your social activities in Antalya according to the content of your treatment.

Last Controls

Within the scope of our treatment plan, we complete your dental treatment, make the necessary controls and complete our preparations.

Flexible Planning

You will be given detailed information about this process outlined in the appointment phase.

Antlara High-Tech Dental Clinic

Why people always choose us?

Reasons for choosing our country for patients coming from abroad for their dental treatments are;

Our foreign patients who experience our quality, especially those living abroad or in our country, are receiving treatment and having a pleasant time.

In recent years, our country has been successfully providing implant and aesthetic dentistry applications especially for patients from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, England, United States of America and some Arab countries. Especially in the province of Antalya in terms of health tourism and dental tourismi successfully serves many patients.

Investment & Technology

Health investments and technologies used in our country are highly developed at world standards.

Service Quality

The quality of service provided in our country, the time taken to care for the patient and the relevancy is very high compared to other countries.


The cost of dental treatment abroad is even higher than the total cost of accommodation, airplanes and dental treatment for a tourist coming to Antalya.

New Culture

Our patients have an excellent holiday and treatment opportunity in Antalya, which is full of history, geography, climate and natural beauties.

Antlara Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic is a modern health institution with the certificate of being able to do international dental tourism.

We invite you to benefit from our high quality and friendly service in dental treatments with affordable prices.

Antalya is one of the most suitable cities for medical tourism in the world. Being a city of culture and tourism that leaves its guests satisfied with various alternatives; Combining the high quality and reasonable prices of the treatments, Antalya is one of the most suitable regions for Health Tourism.

Our Costumers are all satisfied happy about their treatments.

We serve also our patients coming from abroad with airport pickup and accommodation facilities upon request.

Considering that dental treatments are the most appropriate treatment method for tourism due to its nature, Antalya is a good address for you.

Our clinic holds internationally valid certificate and is cabaple of having Dental Tourism in Turkey.