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Periodontal (gum) disease, which is also known as periodontal disease and periodontitis, is a progressive disease which if left untreated may result in tooth loss.

Periodontists specialize in the treatment of gum disease and the placement of dental implants. A periodontist can perform effective cleaning procedures in deep pockets such as scaling and root planing, and also prescribe antibiotic and antifungal medications to treat infection and halt the progression of the disease.

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Gum Disease Treatments Periodontology - Antalya

Gum Problems in oral health - Antalya

Preventing periodontal disease is critical in preserving the natural dentition. Addressing the causes of gum disease and discussing them with your dentist will help prevent the onset, progression, and recurrence of periodontal disease.

Peridontology has been established as a branch of dentistry for the continuation of healthy gums in order to eliminate all discomforts occurring in the gums and gums, and has become a branch of medicine where aesthetic and cosmetic gum operations are also performed.

In some cases CIPD (Chronic Inflammatory Periodontal Disease) and other forms of periodontal disease cannot be adequately treated unless a surgical procedure is carried out. Often this will involve the gum being numbed using dental anaesthetic and then a gum flap being created. This is folded back to expose the area of tooth and bone where the CIPD has caused the local problem. The root can then be cleansed directly and on occasion, the gum position can be modified when it is sutured back to aid in the area being kept clean in the future.

Other types of periodontal surgery can deal with conditions where the gums overgrow (Gingival Hyperplasia). This can occur due to certain medications.

It is an inflammatory disease characterized by the destruction of teeth and supporting tissues of the tooth (periodontal ligament, cementum, alveolar bone). Gingivitis progresses to the alveolar bone (jaw bone). The main cause of periodontitis is the bacterial plaque and can be treated mechanically. However, genetic, environmental and systematic factors may also contribute to the development of the disease. Systemic factors include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, down syndrome, AIDS, and blood diseases.

A technologically advanced gel is gently placed into the gum pockets affected by periodontal disease and then a special laser is used to activate the gel to release oxygen radicals. The gel bonds to the surfaces of bacteria which contribute to the disease process and when the oxygen radicals are released this kills the bacteria.

The treatment is quick and painless and studies suggest an improved response when combined with traditional treatments compared to the traditional treatments alone.

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Tobacco use
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pregnancy and menopause
  • Chronic stress and poor diet
  • Diabetes and underlying medical issues
  • Medication

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Periodontology is the main science that deals with the tissues surrounding the teeth, inflammatory diseases and their treatment. It has an important place in protecting oral and dental health.

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Normally, a definite period cannot be given for the healing process of gum diseases. The healing process may vary according to the treatment method to be determined.

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