Pediatric Denstistry

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What is Pediatric Denstistry?

Mom and Dad, start early.

As soon as your baby is born, gently clean your baby’s gums after each feedings with a soft, damp washcloth. Make this a part of your routine and help your little ones build a lifetime of good oral habits.

Take your child to the dentist as soon as you welcome your baby’s first milk tooth or by his or her first birthday. This way, your child’s dentist gets a better chance of preventing any dental problems.

Morning appointments are best for your child’s first visit. Coming from a good night’s sleep, your child is more rested and much more cooperative in the morning. Also, morning appointments will not pose conflicts on your child’s mealtimes or naps.

Children who enjoy their first trip to their dentists (and their sunny, colorful rooms with fancy paintings on the walls) suggest a promising attitude towards their dental care, health and habits.

Fraquently Asked Questions

Tooth decay or Caries is a preventable disease. Certain types of bacteria that live in our mouth cause tooth decay. Taking of excessive carbohydrate-rich foods such as candy, cookies, soft drinks and even fruit juices and fruit rollups, bread, potatoes, rice and pasta are the common reasons for teeth decay. These things bond with those mouth bacteria, damage our teeth & create some decay on teeth.
A primary tooth still in position with a permanent tooth trying to erupt in the same space is termed an “over-retained” tooth, and requires removal of the primary tooth. The presence of primary teeth in teenagers and adults indicates a potential problem, such as congenitally missing or impacted permanent teeth. Early diagnosis allows for a better outcome. Regular dental care will allow the dentist to monitor growth and development.
Hot and cold food can cause discomfort or irritation for teeth. Also the worn down tooth enamel, gums problems or microscopic cracks in teeth, may cause the irritation that nerve ends without proper dentistry. It has been observed that kids are the general victim of sensitive teeth problem & sometimes they need emergency dental solutions.
Along with teddy bears, thumb-sucking can be one of the most favorite aspects of childhood. It is important to pay attention to child’s habits that can damage their oral health. Children may suck a thumb or a finger from a very young age. It is natural for an infant. However, some children continue sucking beyond the preschool years. If a child is still sucking when his/her permanent teeth start to erupt, it may be the time to take action to stop the habit. If at any time you suspect your child’s thumb-sucking may be affecting their oral health, please contact us. We can help you assess the situation and suggest possible solutions.
Poor oral hygiene, gum problems, or dry mouth are the reasons of bad breath. Other conditions like digestive problems, chronic sinusitis, diabetes, or the side effects of medications can also cause abnormal mouth odor. This problem needs a good dentistry.
Take your kids to dentist before they have or start any dental problem. It is important to train and teach children to keep their teeth clean and the importance of maintaining oral hygiene. Most children do not like brushing their teeth, but parents have to inculcate these habits strongly from childhood to prevent decays and cavities.

We have some other professional support for the kids having dentist fobia.

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